You’re an art director but you’re also a designer. Oh and a conceptual thinker. And nice to boot. You’re comfortable working solo but also thrive in a team environment. You’re a self-starter, a magpie, a lover of learning. You go weak at the knees for digital, AR, VR and integration. You can wring every last drop of wonderfulness out of an idea and are utterly meticulous about your craft. You are gracious in defeat and humble in victory (within reason).

You have the Adobe suite in your back pocket and clients can’t help but love you (especially the good ones).

Most importantly, you’re a radiator*, not a drain.

So, to recap: we’ve won quite a few new bits and bobs of late. We have an amazing client list. The office is humming with opportunities. We’re looking for a talented junior to middleweight creative with the aforementioned qualities to seize every last one. In our Edinburgh office.

If you fit the bill, send your CV and link to folio to

*one of those fancy ones that you see on Grand Designs.