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    As it’s the festive season, this month’s THUNK is all about generosity, with a sprinkling of future-gazing treats. We look forward to 2024 with the finest hand-picked marketing trends and predictions, and introduce a little fella with a bright career in the energy sector. We unwrap what’s in store for ZAG 2.0 as we consider what generosity could mean for humankind not just for now, not just for Christmas, but for the long term.

Grab a mulled wine and thank you for reading THUNK this year. Merry Christmas from The Union.
  Generosity in a time of greed  
    ‘Tis the season for gift giving, love and putting others first. But in our evermore complicated, cynical and chaotic post-pandemic world, are we giving less and taking more?

As we’re not ones to shy away from the controversial, ZAG 2.0, the conference for non-conformists, will take place on 8th February 2024 to explore the knotty theme of 'Generosity in a time of greed'. Michael Hart, Creative Director of The Union, reveals the backstory behind this choice and how you can be front and centre at the event.
  Bruce the butterfly is comin’ to town  
    To get ScottishPower’s positioning as a green technology provider off to a flying start, we’re pleased to announce that a charming new character has fluttered onto the scene. Working closely with the team at ScottishPower, we’ve lovingly created Bruce the butterfly to represent brand values of hope, transformation and a greener future. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll spot him on a website, ad or square near you.    
Rory recommends:
A lifehack for 2024
  “News just in… apparently sitting at a desk for hours shallow breathing isn’t good for us. So here’s a wee lifehack: breathe. It’s the one of the best ways to regulate your nervous system. If you’re looking for a quick win, then aim for one proper breath a day. And if you take time to do it, do it mindfully, and do it often enough, it really works wonders.”

Rory Imlach, Senior Art Director, Union Direct
  One mindful breath with Calm  
  Our thunking  
  Graphic design is coming in hot
  Whatever happens to the economy in 2024, graphic design will be in demand to create brand loyalty and connection. Here are the most anticipated trends according to industry experts. 
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  10 tech trends to keep your strategy right
  From sustainable tech to generative AI, read Gartner’s latest research to guide your business goals to success next year.  
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  Messy customers
  Keeping up with customers' demands ain’t no picnic. Accenture Song’s mission is to help us keep pace by understanding the latest interplay between people and their attitudes.  
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  A social reckoning
  Judgement is coming in 2024. But it might mean not playing by the rules. Get ready with We Are Social’s run down of the top social trends your brand needs to master ASAP.  
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