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    Ready for an emotional return?

The world is slowly re-opening, from clubs and concerts to sports events and places of work. We've been checking in with our feelings about the increasing levels of interaction in daily life, including our team's return to The Union offices.

Now feels like a good time to consider which doors we're all comfortable walking through. And what emotions might be waiting on the other side.

Knock, knock.

  Feels the same... but different  
  Client Services Director, Louise, describes the mixed emotions of being one of the first to walk boldly back through the doors of The Union. And why she felt like she needed to.  
Emma recommends
  "Food for the soul by Lucy Lord is extremely pretty, very well written, and the recipes are bloody delicious. Every single one so far has tasted amazing and been a joy to make.

Lucy's whole premise is about slowing down and appreciating food, including the process of making it. And after the last 18 months, I'm banging that same drum. Say no to shit salads!"

Emma Campbell, Client Services Director, Union Direct
  'Food for the Soul' by Lucy Lord  
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