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    Creativity is a tricky thing to manufacture. What brings out that spark in people? What opens minds to new possibilities? The answer doesn't lie in bean bags or swanky offices.

The secret to creativity is play.
  Have we put a pause on play?  
    Meetings at 9am, 1pm and 4pm, with a doom scrolling break at 3pm and a random interruption at 10.38am. Sound familiar? Union Direct's Creative Director, Sheryl Thomson, laments our loss of downtime and asks how we can make time for that crucial creative ingredient: play.    
Bronwen recommends
  "The Black Mirror episode 'Nosedive' explores the way social media has invaded our lives through a dystopian fantasy and a satirical representation of the modern world. It looks at how being so media focused can damage an individual's worth. For anyone who is an avid social poster and regularly checks their media engagement, it certainly begins to feel uncomfortably close to reality. It's a must watch for a perspective shift!"

Bronwen Farquhar, MSS Awards 2023 Aspiring Creative Star winner and Intern, Union Direct
  Watch Nosedive, Black Mirror season 3, episode 1, on Netflix  
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  Twitter is being replaced by X, but is it a mistake? Obviously, says Mark Ritson. And many, many others. Here are 12 reasons why Twitter's rebrand is a bad move. 
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  Reed Words lay out the language trends of the summer, with real life examples of the brands getting it right. And the brands that must try harder. 
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  AI art free for all
  Turns out, scripts won't write themselves after a US judge ruled that art created by AI can't be copyrighted. So Hollywood studios will need to look elsewhere for an answer to the writers' strikes. 
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  Bags of style
  Who says scaffolding has to be an eyesore? The famously stylish Swedish home brand, IKEA, have transformed their under-construction Oxford Street store into a 128-foot-wide bag instead. 
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