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    Greenwashing, sportswashing, pinkwashing, and AI fakery are everywhere, so does it really matter if you're not giving a consumer an 'authentic' experience? And what does that even mean in today's world?

This month's THUNK focuses on the lies that brands tell us, and themselves, and asks if being liberal with the truth could be a good thing.
  The Digital Day dilemma: Are we all liars now?  
  Digital Strategist, Andrew Girdwood, dissects the ethics of authenticity and how lies, if used correctly, might actually help to make the world a better place.  
Maddy recommends
  "Jog On by Bella Mackie is about how running saved the author's life and how having a hobby can not only release work stress but can change your entire mindset. Really it's about the fact that having a goal even during some of your lowest times can help create a path to maybe not peace of mind but something (relatively close) to sanity."

Maddy Crowther, Senior Account Executive
  Jog On: How I Got My Life Back on Track by Bella Mackie  
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  Creating a more reliable email ecosystem. Google begins to roll out an effective way to battle impersonators and fraudsters online. 
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  From bad to worse
  Cuts to state school art budgets will make nurturing the creativity of children much harder. Could this create a shortage of young talent for the creative industries? 
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  The way to Gen Z's heart
  Tech savvy and emotionally distressed. Brands can position themselves for success among Gen Z markets by addressing the stigma around mental health issues. 
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