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    This month's THUNK is the penultimate one of 2023 and explores the importance of tone of voice in B2B communications, as well as the curious appeal of the Christmas jumper.

We'll look at the staggering success of Barbie, the resurgence of newsprint, and ask whether businesses should be doing more than making token gestures during Transgender Awareness Week.
  Watch your tone, B2B brands  
    Katy Roe explores the fee-earning potential of carefully considered copy, a well-turned out phrase, and why the tone of voice for your brand should be a magnet for consumers rather than a cure for insomniacs.    
Suzy recommends
  "Britney Spears' autobiography 'Women in Me' explores the media’s control on celebrity culture both now and then, and the underlying power of cancel culture. It has a keen-eyed focus on the abuse she endured and the stigma around mental health in the early noughties, when a young mother's breakdown was seen as entertainment. It portrays a different view of those in the public eye and makes you wonder who is really telling the truth."

Suzy Adam, Account Executive, Union Connect
  Our thunking  
  Transgender Awareness Week
  While some brands hoist token flags to honour the week, we would recommend taking a peek at the GLAAD website to see how you can support the trans community all year round. 
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  Christmas Jumper Day
  It will soon be time to don your knitwear for wooltide (see what we did there). Why not raise some money for Save the Children at the same time? Their Christmas Jumper Day is worth the sartorial shame. 
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  Extra, Extra, Read All About It
  Kelsey Russell, a 23-year-old grad student at Columbia, created a TikTok series chronicling what she learns each day from reading the New York Times' physical newspaper. That's right, a paper made from, erm, paper. 
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  Barbie 'contributed over £80m to the UK economy' says Warner Bros
  Want to see the real effect of the Barbie movie? If ever there was a simple demonstration of the power of good branding and a multi-touchpoint campaign bonanza, it's this. 
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