26 years digital

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By Alicia Carroll, Digital Account Manager - Union Digital

The Union turned 26 in March this year, and so did I! ?

As a 90s baby, I’ve had the opportunity – much like marketing and advertising agencies – to experience the incredible evolution of technology over the past 26 years.

We now live in a world of targeted online ads and social media influencers, with access to all the information we want in an instant via our mobile phones. Not that long ago, I was being told in high school, “You won’t always have a calculator on you”, …well look at me now.

One of the biggest changes for me, and one I love to stay up to date with, is the advancement of television and the ever-growing influence social media has on individuals’ opinions and purchases.

Netflix & Chill: The rise of online streaming platforms

At the end of 2021, I completed my MSc degree in Digital Marketing. My dissertation focused on the rise of online streaming platforms and the influence social media plays on audiences’ selection of what to watch in their downtime.

The findings highlighted three key factors of the influence social media has:

  1. Encourages audiences to share their opinions about TV shows they have watched
  2. Allows individuals to be influenced by others on what to watch
  3. The concept of an individual’s information funnel online – i.e. they follow/interact/engage with others who have similar interests as them.

It’s also worth noting how TV marketing has changed since the 90s.

Before, networks would aim to get audiences to tune in at a particular time on a particular day to watch a series and continue to do so, week to week.

Nowadays, the goal has shifted. Networks want audiences to subscribe to their online streaming service, allowing them to binge their way through any show of their choosing.

Original series, such as Stranger Things, Bridgerton and Tiger King, held social media hostage with what seemed like everyone discussing and dissecting these popular original series. This has a knock-on effect of more people hopping on the trend to watch, just so they could be a part of the conversation.

Other technologies that have grown over the years

It’s not just television that’s changed. The way we listen to music, the way we game, the way we connect with others have all been improved, and are now at our fingertips in an instant.

This always-on, the need to have things ‘right now’, culture is continuously growing. And it’s up to businesses to keep up with demand amongst their audiences.

There’s no doubt a lot has changed, with each of us having to adapt to new technologies and the emergence of the always-on digital world. But with this comes new opportunities for businesses to reach their audiences!

Who runs the world? DIGI.

With all that said, and The Union hitting the big 2-6, we like to think we’ve done a pretty good job of keeping up with the times and expanding our services to cover all things digital.

And in particular, within my team in Union Digital, we’re super buzzed about the digital world and helping our clients reach their audiences online! So get in touch with Union Digital if you have any technical or digital queries we can help you with. We live and breathe the stuff.

Union Digital is the full-service digital arm of The Union Group. We are a dynamic and growing team of over 30 digital specialists, delivering digital strategy and consultancy, leading web design and development, SEO, PPC and social media marketing and management.