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    Brace yourself, the AI revolution is here and things are going to change. We'll soon be seeing ads that were written by machines, starring AI-generated models, and set to music composed by algorithms. Don't worry, this month's THUNK is here to reassure you that it's never too late to retrain as an alpaca farmer.

Well maybe not yet, but it's vital that we're all aware of the potential impact of AI on our industry and find the ways where it can help us without encroaching too much on our humanity (and stealing our jobs). We're also having a look into the mysterious world of TikTok's algorithms and how they're shaping the future of viral content.

We would like to credit Vectonauta and Midjourney.AI for helping us create our header image for January 2023.
  Keeping up with AI  
  Take a deep dive into the changes that are coming thanks to the exponential rise of AI. At least we can be relieved it's not an army of terminators coming for humanity, just an army of algorithms talking to each other while we stare at our phones.  
Ria recommends
  "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin. One of my favourite reads of 2022. On the surface it's about a group of friends making video games, but at its core it's about the evolution of close friendships: how they can shape, scar, and save us at different points in our lives. Bonus points for 90s tech, video game references, and Shakespeare quotes."

Ria Jenkins, Copywriter, Union Direct
  Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin  
  Two days to ZAG  
  We're hosting an in-person conference at Union House this Thursday. Join us for an event where non-conformity takes centre stage and discover how breaking away from the norm can drive positive change.  
  Our thunking  
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  We thought we'd start the year off right with this list of quick and easy wins to improve your life (does not include letting ChatGPT write your work emails). 
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  Acceptable nonconformity
  If a former director of communications to a Prime Minister and a former cabinet minister can enjoy a successful podcast, anyone can! (strict parameters of received opinion may apply). 
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  The magic of TikTok
  Get a taste of the secret sauce that’s allowed TikTok to eclipse its rivals and take over the world. 
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