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    With only 55 days till Christmas the festive season is nearly upon us. As ever, competition for customers is sure to be fierce, maybe even fiercer than usual with everyone wanting to get the most bang for their buck.

So make sure your consumer engagement is primed and ready to fire on all cylinders for the run-up to the biggest shopping season of the year.
  Stop paying to promote the competition  
  There's no such thing as bad publicity, that is unless you're the one giving free publicity to someone else. It might seem like a good idea telling consumers how much better you are than the other guy, but are you harming your bottom line by referring to the other guy at all?  
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  What Google is doing to help you spend your money
  Too much choice, can't try things on, hard to keep track of what you've bought, dealing with postage - shopping online can be a hassle. So Google has announced a raft of new shopping features to make searching, choosing, and buying more pleasurable. 
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  Leapfrogging the competition this Christmas
  Take a look at the stats behind the clicks to boost your festive engagement. Thanks to this research it's clear it's the quality of your creative engagement, not just the number of eyeballs that see your ads, that wins out. 
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  Images, Gifs, videos, all in one tweet
  If there's one thing that people on Twitter like complaining about more than politics, it's new features no one asked for. But as the microblogging site's Twitter Blue offering grows, there are some new free features worth a second look. 
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  Do marketers really believe in the metaverse?
  Despite a fair dollop of skepticism, there's belief among marketers that the "metaverse" offers a valuable way to reach people. While audiences may be underwhelmed at the moment, there is potential for marketers within persistent virtual worlds. 
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