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    2C, or not 2C?
That is the question.

Climate experts have said that the '2C threshold' is now the ultimate limit for global warming. And as this year's COP26 summit in Glasgow nears closer, so too does the dreaded rise in worldwide temperatures.

While international powerhouses have a duty to help calm the climate crisis, real change will only come once we can help ourselves.

This month's THUNK looks at all things climate, consumerism and collective action.


  Curbing our own consumption is the only way to kick climate change  
  Is top-down really the best way to tackle climate change? Planner, Josh Fardell, talks about the upcoming COP26 summit and the steps we all need to take if we’re to avoid 2C.  
Josh recommends
  "My book recommendation for this month is tied very closely to the theme and I even mention it in my thought piece, but it's called "The Day the World Stops Shopping" and it's a somewhat dystopian look at what might happen if we were to suddenly end our rampant consumerism."

Josh Fardell, Planner
  'The Day the World Stops Shopping' By J. B. Mackinnon  
  Our thunking  
Green spaces in high-up places
  Green spaces in high-up places
  If you're feeling an urge to cut up your credit cards after reading Josh's thought piece, maybe you can channel your energy into rooftop gardening instead? Read more
Recycling, sorted
  Recycling, sorted
  Recycling just got easier with Zero Waste Scotland's new digital sorting tool. Combat confusion and speed up the recycling process. Read more
The power of dance
  The power of dance
  One Glasgow nightclub is working to sustainably harness the energy released from its partiers on the dance floor. The pioneering system at SWG3 could save the popular nightspot up to 70 tons of CO2 per year. Read more
The UNderlying impact
  The UNderlying impact
  The climate crisis is urgent and change must happen for the long-term safety of our planet - but there's another underlying crisis identified by the UN, as if we needed more reasons to tackle the climate emergency. Read more
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