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    It's that time of the month and this month's THUNK wants to help you change your behaviour by throwing some gender stereotypes in the bin.

We all labour under preconceived notions about how we should act as men and women, so read on to start identifying your own internal prejudices and consider a new haircut while you're at it.
  Unconscious Gender Biases  
  While gender attitudes and stereotypes have evolved far and away from even the 80s and 90s, they are still very much alive. But being aware of them is half the battle.

Art Director, Emily Willing analyses these unconscious gender biases and offers some thoughts on what else we can do to eliminate them from our work as marketers.
Girdy recommends
  "It's hard to pick just one recommendation from the Fringe this year but if I had to it would be Flo & Joan (for Sweet Release) for great gags, music and commentary on society. The fact that women can't walk home safely is important and yet that's a point Flo and Joan make the audience think about through humour and melody."

Andrew Girdwood, Digital Strategist
  Flo & Joan  
  Our thunking  
  Will Greta Gerwig's 'Barbie' be the feminist icon we've been dreaming of?
  We might let out a collective groan when we hear they're making a Barbie movie. But Barbie's effect on gender stereotypes has been more complex than we may think. Barbie has had over seventy jobs, from waitress to President. So maybe it's time to rethink the feminist credentials of the iconic toy. 
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  Why haircuts should be gender neutral
  A haircut is a big part of a first impression. It plays a major role in the image we construct of anyone we meet. This is especially true when it comes to assuming someone's gender. So maybe it's time we all played with that and started picking haircuts that reflected our personalities. 
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  Girlbosses get it done
  The Girlboss cliché has been with us for decades now, and while we should all celebrate fictional depictions and real-world examples of women in leadership roles, how much of this stereotype is rooted in old-fashioned misogyny? 
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Marketing in the metaverse
  Heinz asked AI to 'draw ketchup' (and it went remarkably well)
  Even AI has unconscious biases. As proven by Heinz asking OpenAI's viral-sensation Dall-E 2 to create a series of tomato-sauce related images. The results show that shifting preconceived ideas is a hard job in the virtual world, too. 
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