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    With one eye on the sales and the other on our bank balances, it might be a tricky festive season for many of us. As we all start budgeting for the most expensive month of the year, this month's THUNK is looking at what our Mood of the Nation report tells us about the struggles of managing household budgets and who is taking on the role of Chief Financial Officer at home (spoiler: it's women).

We're also looking at how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to marketing budgets, and whether now is the time to put more eggs in the long-term branding basket.
  Adapt or die: the female guide to surviving a crisis  
  Our Mood of the Nation report highlighted deep anxiety about the cost of living. Kirsty North, Account Director at Union Direct, has taken a closer look at the findings to see how women are leading the way in making sure ends meet.  
Cost of living crisis cuts deep in Scotland
  Our 'Mood of the Nation Report' has set out to capture how the cost of living crisis is impacting on people living in Scotland.  
  Download the Mood of the Nation Report  
  Our thunking  
  Long-term brand building
  Amidst the current economic gloom, ASOS are taking the chance to move away from the short-term metrics of performance marketing to embrace the long term benefits of building a deep-rooted brand story that resonates. 
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  Should we be paying more attention to Airbnb's plans?
  After enjoying its most profitable quarter, Airbnb say their investment in brand strategy is starting to pay out. But will shifting focus away from ad spend to brand strategy pay off long term? 
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  Are we overthinking SEO?
  We hear about so many SEO tricks and algorithm changes it can be hard to keep up. Maybe instead, we should be focusing on the audience first, and just trusting quality content to reach the top of the pile. 
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  No more piles of gifts under the tree?
  Seems many people are ditching the latest gadgets and gizmos and giving experiential presents instead. Is this a hangover from the pandemic or a sign of a changing relationship to the giving of gifts? 
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