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Worldwide Partners, Inc, (WPI), one of the world’s largest agency networks with more than 65 agency partners in more than 40 countries on five continents, is hosting its Global Agency Summit in London this week for agency partners within their network. The Union will be participating, having been a partner agency since 2000. Michael Hart, the agency’s Creative Director, Gus Chalmers, Managing Director of Union Direct and Daniel Batey, Managing Director of Union Data, will all be in attendance.

The Global Agency Summit is an opportunity for WPI’s Partners from around the globe to gather and discuss trends and topics important to the network’s clients and their agencies. The theme of this Summit is “Acceleration”, highlighting the need for agencies to break new ground, launch new models and to be continuously evolving to effectively lead their clients in today’s global marketplace.

Worldwide Partners London 2018

Worldwide Partners meeting in London, 2018.

“The advertising industry is undergoing a revolution right before our eyes, and simultaneously, a return to our roots,” says John Harris, CEO and President of Worldwide Partners. “AI is redefining the way we identify, message and reach consumers, while creativity, empathy and humanity are experiencing a renaissance. Clients are bringing more services in-house, yet the full-service agency model has never been more relevant. And as the multinational agency holding company model displays cracks in the foundation, our independent agencies continue to surge.  Some see gloom and doom, but I would suggest this is the greatest moment in the history of advertising.”

Worldwide Partners has brought together experts from around the globe to address a range of industry topics, including the future of television, the rise of experiential marketing, talent acquisition and retention, new agency models and more. Rosie and Yakob Faris, co-founders of Genius Steals, are the opening keynote speakers, demonstrating how they’ve dismantled every assumption of what an agency is to form their nomadic creative consultancy and how WPI agency partners must do the same to prepare for the future.

Worldwide Partners met in Edinburgh for the Global Meeting in 2009.

Other leading industry experts speaking at the Summit include Marco Bertozzi, VP of Sales for Spotify Europe, Kelly Williams, Managing Director of ITV, Meabh Quoirin, CEO of Foresight Factory, Michael Gillane, Director Marketing of Heineken UK, Amber Kirby, VP of Marketing of Virgin Holidays, Patrick Mills, Director Membership and Professional Development of the IPA, Brent Hodgins, Managing Director of Mirren, Nancy Hill, Founder of MediaSherpas and former CEO of the U.S. 4 A’s and many more.

In addition to learning from industry experts from outside the network, WPI partners engage in several working sessions, subnetwork groups and intimate events, allowing them to collaborate face-to-face, translate real life experiences into insights, and empower each other to accelerate their businesses forward.

The Summit’s setting showcases how environments too can be accelerated with renewed energy and inspiration. Events take place at the Mondrian London at Sea Containers and White Rabbit Shoreditch Studios’ converted Victorian archways.

Gus Chalmers, Managing Director of Union Direct commented, “As an agency we have always valued the unique perspective that WPI gives us in helping develop strategy and gain insights for our clients, from all sectors. In the past. our membership has helped us with projects for VisitScotland, Seychelles Tourism Board, Scottish Development International, Whyte & Mackay and Quality Meat Scotland. We always get fresh ideas and input from these meetings and expect this year’s to be especially valuable.”

Adds Harris, “This a major turning point for clients and agencies alike, and independent agencies are perfectly positioned to handle this dynamic display of both ‘revolution and renaissance’ we are witnessing within the ad industry.”

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