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The Union has launched a new campaign for the Scottish Government to encourage young people to choose a career in healthcare (nursing, midwifery and allied health careers) after a commitment to deliver an extra 2,600 nursing and midwifery training places.

The campaign, ‘What did you do today?’, aims to showcase the importance of the roles in healthcare and the variety of opportunities available within the industry. The concept for the advertising was developed following extensive research with the target audience – school leavers age 16-18, currently applying or considering applying for University degrees. The research highlighted that this audience is keen to make their mark on the world by ‘giving back’. They want to have a positive impact and see an opportunity to do that in a range of job roles including; nursing, teaching, early learning and childcare and social work. Our research also showed that this audience craved a role where every day was different and there was a constant stream of new challenges and excitement. However, many were not aware of the range of jobs available in healthcare which also includes 14 allied health professional and healthcare science roles such as physiotherapists, biomedical scientists, paramedics and orthoptists.

The TV ad, produced by MTP Productions and directed by Martin Smith, shows a range of healthcare professionals in their daily environments, each answering the simple question of what they did in that day, to highlight the importance of their role.

Union Account Manager, Cristina Pellizzon, says “It’s been a delight to be part of a dynamic campaign that builds an emotional connection to promote the breadth of healthcare roles available in Scotland. This recruitment campaign stands apart from others by featuring a variety of real NHS and healthcare professionals in all of the creative executions to showcase the rewarding and life-saving work they do every day.”

SG Nursing Recruitment

The campaign will be promoted on TV, cinema, out of home and digital channels between November 2019 and February 2020.