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With tourism and hospitality businesses reopening their doors and welcoming back visitors, The Union is thrilled to announce the launch of a new campaign for the South of Scotland Destination Alliance (SSDA). The ‘Twinned with Tourism’ campaign aims to promote best practice in safe travel across the Scottish Borders, Dumfries and Galloway.

At the heart of the campaign is a short film which reassures local communities that tourism businesses are reopening safely, while communities in return can help businesses welcome visitors back. The video includes sweeping landscape footage of various attractions in the Scottish Borders, Dumfries and Galloway and encourages visitors to plan a trip to these areas, where they will be safe and welcomed with open arms. On the SSDA website there are full details of the campaign,  local tourism and hospitality businesses can sign-up to be part of the ‘Good to Go’ scheme and recommend other tourism businesses that are open and ‘Good to Go’ in the destination.

South of Scotland video

Jemma Reid, Project Manager, SSDA said: “Twinned with Tourism is about bringing together our close-knit community and getting our economy back on track. It’s about coming together, so we all benefit. From visitors that need a break to the local economy that needs visitors to come and spend. This campaign proudly highlights the warm community spirit of the South and will help our region prosper into the future. We’re encouraging all tourism businesses to promote this film and use the toolkit provided on the SSDA website to help bring tourism back to this destination.”

SSDA Horses

A scene from the campaign video.

Cristina Pellizzon, Account Manager, The Union said: “With many Scottish towns twinned with another international town or city, we wanted to promote this idea as an ownable feature for the South of Scotland. Twinned cities proudly display this relationship on welcome signs to represent partnership, friendship and collaboration. Our concept reimagines the idea of ‘twinning’ to be a partnership between the South of Scotland’s local communities, hospitality businesses, and visitors.”

To find out more on the South of Scotland Destination Alliance and watch the ‘Twinned with Tourism’ video, visit and follow on Facebook: @SSDAlliance, Twitter: @sscotdalliance LinkedIn: @SSDAlliance