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The Scottish Government have launched a national recruitment campaign for Adult Social Care workers, created by The Union.

Recruitment pressures for frontline Adult Social Care workers have been rising and vacancies are becoming harder to fill. This campaign aims to raise the profile of a career in Adult Social Care (ASC) and encourage people to apply for a role.

The campaign was developed following research with the target audience (aged 22-45, considering a career change) and current workforce employees who suggested that vacancies are difficult to fill due to perceptions of the career. Many of the audience believe it is an under-paid job with few progression opportunities, which is not the case. The in-job training opportunities and development programmes mean that a career could be very rewarding both professionally and emotionally. Our insights showed that the perfect ASC candidate has a want and drive to provide excellent care, has empathy, consideration, compassion and an ability to communicate effectively with the people they are providing care for. The Union developed a creative campaign ‘There’s more to care than caring’ that aims to both raise the profile of the career and also communicate the necessary emotional skills required for the role.

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Robbie Hurst, Account Manager at The Union, says: “Our approach to this campaign involved highlighting the depth and complexity of a multifaceted role that demands the best of us. We were fortunate enough to work alongside those receiving and providing care. In doing so, we experienced the warm moments of human interaction that typify the role, highlight the impact of carers and ultimately, signify the importance of finding the right people to work in adult social care.”

The media strategy will target commuters on their way to and from work, and is timed to coincide with the ‘new year, new start’ mind-set, when people are considering changing career. It will comprise of press (Metro and Big Issue), digital advertising, radio (local and national) and outdoor advertising (e.g. on buses, trains, phone kiosks and digital sheet panels).